Why you need to be protected from Viruses

A virus which is the most common threat to a computer, can cause extensive damage if not stopped before it gets in. viruses are generated in their thousands daily, and each has the potential to compromise a PC or device in different ways if not halted. These viruses are commonly downloaded in form of files which are presented falsely either by a visit to a phishing website or email. Hackers are getting innovative each day and will present the same unknowingly to a PC user.

How AntiVirus Software works

An antivirus detects and identifies the threats based on their definitions; the reason why constant updating of the software is necessarily to update any new definitions. Malware definitions have signatures of the virus, new or wild and once an application or file is scanned and found to have an infection from a similar malware as found in its definition, the antivirus will quarantine the file or application thus ending any execution by the same.

Protecting a PC from Spam

Spam comes inform of unwarranted email and ads most likely as a result of a virus stored in the device. By acquiring an antivirus, spamming will drastically drop to a trickle since viruses are deterred from entering the PC.