Can Anti-virus protect me from data pharming?

First of all, before I answer this question, I know that most people are not familiar with the term “Data Pharming”. You are probably asking yourself, “What is data pharming?” Data pharming is where hackers and scammers install malicious codes on your device without your consent with the aim of stealing personal details from your computer.

How do they do it?

Data pharming can be done in two ways. In the first one, the scammers will install a malicious program on your computer that will compromise your web browser so that you are led to fake websites whenever you try to access the legitimate ones. In fact, you won’t even know that you have been taken to another website if you are not keen. 

To get such malicious programs on your device, they use several methods. The most common one is through emails that contain unknown attachments. There will be an installation of the malicious software automatically on your device without your consent once you open the attachment.

In the second method, the hackers will hack a whole DNS server after which they will be able to direct users to fake sites. This is the most dangerous form of data pharming and is only carried out by advanced cyber criminals. The most common method of data pharming is the first method. 

What next?

Now they are in, just laying low and waiting for the opportunity to strike. One of the perfect opportunity for them might be that time you are browsing the internet just going about your business. Maybe you want to make a purchase online, and when you enter the URL of that site to purchase, you are directed to a fake website that is identical to the website you are conducting your business on, and when you enter your payment details, the hackers target is achieved.

Actually, today’s hackers have realised that people are more aware of phishing scams, so they have now resorted to data pharming.

Hackers can also pharm your vital data and use it for identity theft or even extort money from you. Other things the data pharming malware can do to your computer include:

  • Take down the security defences of your computer so that it can be vulnerable to more attacks from viruses.
  • Monitor the information you enter to your computer by closely tracking your keyboard strokes.
  • Steal private information that includes your passwords.
  • Secretly track your online business which includes bank transactions.

How an Antivirus protects me from all these threats.

If you have an Antivirus installed in your PC, you will be protected from all these threats since all malicious software will be blocked or deleted. If you are about to download an infected file from a website, the Antivirus will inform you of the infected website and block the download. Most Antiviruses have anti-spamware that will protect you from data pharming.

In one word, using a VPN and an advanced Antivirus, your data and security would have been triple secured. Antivirus will ensure that your computer’s operating system and the web browser is secure. You will be untouchable even from the best hackers in the world.