The best antivirus protection comes at a price! This is why!

Most of us use free antivirus software and that is a fact. Of course, this is a very convenient solution to get some protection online and don’t spend a single dime on it. Still, it is not the smartest solution. Simply, one wrong click, and one malicious site that has been developed with a single purpose to steal your data, and you will pay the price for using free antivirus!

It might sound somewhat odd, but the rate of security breaches online when you are using free antivirus is much higher than when you decide to pay the premium price and get premium protection.

The reasons behind this are rather simple, yet impeccable in their logic. Most free antivirus software options do provide online security from the virus definitions and they are updated quite regularly. There is also a firewall inside your operating system, no matter what is your platform of choice. Still, a well-developed site can put a wedge between these two security measures, and you will get infected in that case. If a malware planted in this way is an aggressive one, you will lose all you are trying to protect, including passwords, card details, and other sensitive data.

This forces a logical question – is a free antivirus the best protection for your needs?

The answer is simple – no! Although there are benefits of using this approach, a paid premium antivirus will bring your online security to a whole different level, and make your system impenetrable to any virus, malware, or any other threat out there!

This kind of system protection has a 100% success rate, and that is why it is more than a good thing to pay the price and get the best antivirus system you can get. This is especially important if you often shop online and keep all your payment data in the system for more convenient use. With the protection from premium antivirus software, you will be able to relax completely and enjoy your everyday activities without a care.

There are several antivirus options that are ideal and have both free and premium modes. Total AV, Avira, Norton, and McAfee are amongst the top choices, and they will provide full antivirus security online with their premium options. The rate of success is absolute, and there have been no known breaches of security for a very long time.

This success rate resulted in these antivirus software options to be perceived as the best in the world. This had some good consequences, and now you will easily find a review on any of the mentioned antivirus solutions that will give you a full list of features, a success rate, background and history on each of them, and the reasons why they are the best. These reviews are right. These are the best antivirus software options out there.

Still, you have to keep in mind that each and every one of those is available as free antivirus platforms and that there is a huge difference between the two. Free antivirus does not have nearly as impeccable success rate as the premium version, and it is the case for all we mentioned: Total AV, Avira, Norton, and McAfee.

Simply, if you want the best antivirus, feel free to go with any of these, but pay the price and get the 100% protection rate. They are not too expensive, and you can surely afford it!