Total AV, Norton, Avira, McAfee, Panda, BitDefender or BullGuard? What should you pick?

Staying safe online is not as easy of a task as one might think. There are hackers and other malicious people who are after your data, be sure of that! They use malware, phishing, virus code, and a whole myriad of other techniques in order to extract what they want. In most cases, it is about your log-in details, credit card details, and other valuable data. There are even some who don’t really care about all of that and are after making some damage, out of pure malice!

There are, of course, numerous ways to stay safe, and a staple of any online protection is using antivirus software. Now, the problem is picking the best security for your needs. Total AV, Norton, Avira, McAfee, Panda, BitDefender and BullGuard are just some of the most popular and most common security options available online, but making your pick is not any easier with the abundance of choices.

The best way to enquire about your online protection and the security features each of these antivirus software solutions provide – is to look for online reviews. These are often made in order to help you make this kind of choice!

These reviews always come with a complete list of security features, an explanation of free packages that are available with all of the best antivirus options, as well as the price for premium antivirus protection!

With all these data available, you will have the general idea of what each of the antivirus options has to offer. Then, you need to make a decision whether to use a free antivirus with limited features or to determine a price at which a premium antivirus would be an option.

You should definitely use at least one review site in order to collect all the data you need, but the more the better.

Of course, you will find the ratings and reviews for every antivirus option you wish to evaluate quite easily online. If you don’t want to spend too much time on this task, you don’t have to go into detail. An average grade will be quite enough, along with reading about the basic features of each antivirus.

The good thing here is that most of the antivirus software solutions available nowadays have been put to the test of the market for years, and the very fact they are still around – speaks volumes on their quality. Since virus definitions evolve constantly, and malware is improved on a daily basis, only the most vigilant ones are able to survive the race on the market.

All of the options we mentioned: Total AV, Norton, Avira, McAfee, Panda, BitDefender, and BullGuard are amongst the frontrunners in the antivirus niche, so all of them will provide rather high-quality protection. There are differences between them though, not only in features but also in price. This is why you should take some time and invest it in research. After all, thanks to the online reviews and other resources available, this is not a task that is too hard and it will pay off if you opt for the best antivirus for your needs.