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  • Parental controls
  • Flexible Backup
  • PC Tune-up

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BullGuard is privately held, global company specializing in providing for Internet and mobile security. Its products include Internet security for small businesses and home users and these are anti-phishing tool, anti-virus, parental controls for mobile devices and computers; and mobile and computer backup software.

Founded in Copenhagen in Denmark in 2001 by Theis Sondergaard and Morten Lund, BullGuard has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom and maintains offices in Romania, Belgium, Australia, Sweden, Germany and USA.


The two Danish founders of BullGuard wanted to create a very powerful Internet security suite for computers that would include all features needed for security whether for home or commercial use. BullGuard’s objective in developing security tools is to create user-friendly software even for the average user and to integrate sophisticated technologies to combat malware attack and to protect children from online fraud and crime.

The first product launched by BullGuard was the BullGuard Internet Security in 2002. Six years later, its Internet security earned prominence in the United Kingdom, while many of its products earned mass adoption throughout the world.

In 2008, BullGuard included in its market the gamers and forged a partnership with SteelSeries. Consequently, the company became the first to produce advanced security for gamers with its BullGuard Gamer’s Edition.

In 2011, BullGuard entered into another partnership with Juniper Networks to manufacture BullGuard Mobile Security 10.

Top Three Features

BullGuard’s Internet security products are known for features such as among others, parental control, flexible backup and PC Tune Up.

  • Parental controls. Unlike many parental control features of most antivirus software, BullGuard offers more than just the basic. This component can be configured separately for every account on Windows computer. And access to such settings would require a pass.There are 24 content categories on this component and these are grouped into sexual, controversial, shopping and entertainment and communication or media. In its default child profile, all categories are blocked. In default pre-teen and teenager profiles, the settings are lenient. All of these can be customized to serve your preferences.The parental control system allows you schedule the time where children can use the Internet—either maximum usage or weekly for an hour.
  • Flexible backup. Its flexible backup feature is not automatic. It must be told where, what, how and when to do a backup. All the specifications are customizable.
  • PC tune up. This feature is automatic and runs in your computer’s background. The default settings include basic cleanup task like defragmenting your registry, deleting temporary files and browsing traces. You can also configure this component to automatically clear your downloads folder, empty your recycle bin and to delete broken registry it spots.


During testing conducted by experts, BullGuard earned very good rating in antiphishing. Its firewall resisted well during the attack and has outstanding malware blocking functionality.


Its spam filter is not very efficient and its scanning task affects the computer’s performance.

System Requirements

Operating systems:

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP (SP2 minimum)

Memory: 1 GB of RAM

Hard Disk space: 850 MB


Depending on the product, the price ranges from $29.95 to $99.95.