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  • Advanced Antivirus
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Parental Control
  • Free Download!

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TotalAV is the latest security software and is already competing with the big names in the market despite being launched in 2016. It has features that work flawlessly and smoothly to provide devices with 100% security from viruses and malware. It provides both online and offline protection.

This ultimate Antivirus protects users’ files and personal information. Users get to enjoy a 50% discount, and a 30-day money back guarantee when they make a purchase for the first time. 

Top Three Features

Advanced Antivirus

TotalAV’s Antivirus software gives users complete control, flagging, quarantining and eliminating cyber threats whenever they may appear. Also, TotalAV comes with internet protection suite that offers protection to users computer from internet Malware and virus.

Enhanced Performance

This software does not only speed up users browser but also boosts their overall computing by identifying and rectifying all speed related issues. TotalAV boosts users system by identifying the amount of hard drive spaces taken up by duplicate files and freeing them up thereby leaving users device free from junk files. 

Enhanced Firewall and Parental Control

TotalAV’s two-way firewall protects a computer from unauthorised or hack attempts hence safeguarding user’s data. Their parental control feature gives users total control over their children’s online activity since they will be able to block access to unauthorised websites and track their internet activity.

Pros of TotalAV

  1. They offer identity theft protection.
  2. Users are protected from any form of scams including phishing scams.
  3. The software is compatible with Windows, iOS, Mac and Android.
  4. It has a simple user Interface that makes it easy for users to navigate around.
  5. The app is easy to install and comes packed with features making it the best antivirus provider.
  6. This Antivirus offer expert protection with no system lag.
  7. It comes with a battery saving plan called the economy mode that will give users device a longer battery life.
  8. This software has a browser speed optimizer that improves users browsing performance by removing the excess baggage that slows down their

Cons of TotalAV

  1. They don’t offer Community Forum for their users. 

Plans and Pricing

TotalAV offers friendly pricing plans that can be subscribed to annually at a very affordable price. Their prices are lower than what other Antivirus providers charge. Users can, therefore, get real-time antivirus protection and elite firewall protection at a lower price.

Payments can be made through Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and PayPal. Below is a description of what is charged.

Initial SubscriptionSubsequent Subscription


£49 for the whole year£149 per year

When users subscribe to the yearly plan, they get free gifts like enhanced firewall protection and system boost that will enhance their PC performance. If they subscribe for the first time, they will get £100 off. The subscription is renewed at a standard rate of £149 annually until when it is cancelled.

Please note that the prices exclude VAT.

Support Offering

TotalAV has a detailed Knowledge Base section that contains general FAQS that will help users deal with problems they may encounter while using the software.  Also, the Knowledge Base section contains installation guides, desktop and mobile tutorials that guide users on how to install and use their product.

Furthermore,  users can contact the customer support team through email or phone. They have a live chat system where users can communicate with their customer support team for 24 hours a day and have their problem sorted out immediately. This makes their customer support services not just good but an excellent one.


Nowadays the internet is not a secure place. Hence, one can unknowingly download malware or fall victim to identity scammers. Therefore, to be safe, having an Antivirus installed in a device is mandatory.

TotalAV is the latest Virus protection software that is already triumphing over the big names that have been around for a long time making it the best Antivirus software to try out. It is easy to use and operates smoothly in the background giving its users a total protection from any threat.