Several questions are being asked by different clients concerning our antivirus and computer security comparison site. Antivirus software is a program that is created in a way that it protects, searches and prevents software viruses. It is very vital for an individual to install and update their antivirus on their computers frequently to safeguard them. By reviewing the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), many questions about antivirus’s and computer security comparison site can be answered.

What does the term antivirus refer to?

An Antivirus is a program that is created in a way that it can safeguard, prevent, detect, search for and remove any software viruses. It protects computer files by removing worms and viruses as well as ensuring that a virus does not spread to your device. Furthermore, antivirus can repair any infected file on your computer.

How can I understand the difference between a virus and a worm?

The term virus refers to a program that replicates itself by spreading from infected files to uninfected files on your computer system while a worm is a subset of a virus with major disparities that does not replicate itself from file to file like the virus. A worm is usually referred to as a separate file while a virus is a set of codes that adds itself to existing files.

What are the major things to consider when selecting the best antivirus software?

When choosing the best antivirus, it is important to find an antivirus with an Internet security software with an inbuilt firewall if you are a frequent online user. On the other hand, if you are a frequent email user, you should choose an antivirus with anti-spam, phishing, and spyware features.

How does an antivirus work on my system?

Antivirus software works by detecting patterns of viruses in your system, which possess same attributes with those existing on record by using a set database. Once an antivirus detects a virus, it gives you an option of deleting it or ignoring it. It is vital always to consider eliminating the threat.

How do I install an antivirus on my device?

There are various types of anti viruses, and each one of them has its guidelines for installing it on your computer device. You can double-click on the installer and commence the installation process. Follow the wizard to install the software and accept the terms when prompted.

How can I uninstall an antivirus in my computer system?

With the fact that there exist various antiviruses, you can uninstall any existing antivirus in your device by clicking on the start menu on your computer then all programs. After doing so, look for the antivirus program in the list of programs and uninstall it from the options given. To be sure, follow the prompts given to complete the uninstallation process. Then finally, restart your computer.

Is it possible to update an antivirus in my system?

Yes, it is possible to update an antivirus in your system. You can do this by opening the antivirus program on your computer and looking for “update” or “check for updates” then clicking on it. This way, you will be able to update your antivirus software. When doing this, you should make sure that you are connected to a good Internet connection.

How often should I update my antivirus software in my system?

Always set your antivirus update status to be “auto-update”. This is because antivirus software should always be up to date because there are people who work hard to create new viruses that are harmful to your system. Having an “auto-update” antivirus ensures safety.

What are antivirus scanners?

Antivirus scanners are components of antivirus software that scans a computer hard drive for viruses and other harmful programs in a device. They usually operate with other antivirus software elements like the virus containers to monitor programs and files you use.

Can I have more than one antivirus?

Yes! But it is highly recommended that you install only one antivirus program on your computer system. This is because it is impossible to run two antivirus programs at the same time since, one antivirus might perceive the other antivirus as a malware. If you feel dissatisfied with the current antivirus you have, you can uninstall it and install another of your preference.

Is free antivirus effective?

Despite the fact that you can get a free antivirus program, most free antivirus programs are complicated to use and expose you to greater risks. Thus, it is advisable to skip free virus protections and find antivirus software that keeps your computer secured.

Do I have to install antivirus software on my computer system?

Yes. It is important to install antivirus software on your PC for maximum protection. With increased rate of cyber-crimes today, it may threaten your computer safety at any time. Therefore, it is advisable to use antivirus software to protect and prevent your device from these risks.

Is it possible to check if my computer system has a virus?

Yes! When your computer is running very slowly, and you are getting unexpected messages each and every time, it is a clear sign of an existing virus. The virus always affects our computer’s general performance by slowing it and also starting programs automatically. In case you experience this signs, it is important to scan your computer with antivirus software.

How can I remove a virus that keeps on recurring?

You can remove a recurring virus by ensuring that you have an automatic updating turned on. This way your antivirus software will get updated with the latest definitions. You can then restart your system and run a full scan.

What is computer security?

Computer security refers to the process of detecting and preventing unauthorized use of your system. This includes taking preventive measures to stop and avoid unauthorized users from accessing your computer device.

Why is it necessary to care for your computer’s safety?

Today, computers serve a lot of purpose in our daily lives. Therefore, there is great need to care for the safety of your computer always. Some computers help us in banking and even investing hence acting as a vital part of our daily lives. It is important to safeguard them with active antivirus software that will prevent and protect it from a virus that will make us lose valuable information.

In recap, installing good antivirus software that detects and removes viruses before they do harm to your computer is an important thing to do, though, it is not sufficient enough if you don’t update it regularly.